The Program with a difference

Dyslexic Young Adults

The Program with a difference

Dyslexic Young Adults

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The Young Adult:

Do you hear comments like this:

  • You are not trying hard enough!
  • Come on, concentrate!
  • You need to work with greater focus!
  • You seem smart. Why can’t you do this?

Most pupils and students are keen to do well and it is only when they have put a great effort into their work and do not get anywhere that they become frustrated and give up: ‘What is the point? I can’t do any better anyway.’

If you feel that you can do some things better than others, that there are discrepancies between your oral and written work, then it might just be that you are a dyslexic student. You might be dyslexic or you have just got a different learning style. Sadly, schools do not always have the right answer to hand and offer help in a way that might not be of any benefit to you.

The Davis Program offers a solution in this case:

It is a program that puts you in charge of your own learning. You will determine what you want out of this program and you will be given a method that enables you to achieve your chosen goal. You will learn how you can improve in many aspects of your life, not just in school life. It is fun as you will be learning in a multi-sensory, hands-on way. This means no repetition, no drills, no drugs, no ‘coping’ mechanisms and in most cases no writing practice (or very little) either.

The Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program is generally undertaken in a 30-hour week.

All you need to bring to the sessions is an open mind, a positive attitude and the willingness to give it the time of day.

If you have got any questions please contact me by email or give me a ring. I am always happy to have a chat.

Dyslexic Young Adults