Doing it differently - achieving results!


Doing it differently - achieving results!


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Amazing teacher.
Ines has helped my daughter, Grace, so much with both her understanding of her school work, her confidence and understanding that her dyslexia does not have to be a disability. Grace dislikes school but she loves learning with Ines. I can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you Ines.
Mother of Grace,11
An amazing dyslexia course.
We have described our daughters experience with Ines as miraculous to friends and family who asked how she was getting on. Our bright daughter had been very unhappy and disengaged with school as she struggled to cope with her dyslexia. The phonics programmes she was given at school did not work and only served to heighten her sense of failure. Ines and the Ron Davis method offered her a completely new and exciting way of looking at reading and spelling. She now has strategies to deal with her writing and her confidence has grown and grown. The money we paid for this course was the best money we ever spent, we were so lucky to find Ines and I would recommend it to anyone in the same position we were in.
 Parent of a girl, 12

My Mum wanted me to go so I would find reading easier. I learned to read in 5 days and I learned to play football. My ball-skills were very poor before I came and I can now catch 2 balls with 2 hands at the same time. I think that I am better at a lot of other things, too. – Patrick G, Norfolk, Aged 8


The program has exceeded our expectations: My son has gained in confidence. He has learned to control his behaviour which in return allows him to concentrate more fully on the task in hand. He enjoyed the program, the playful method and the control he had over his own learning. My feeling is that he has a much better understanding of the word ‘responsibility.’ – Mother of Christopher, Aged 12

We were told about the program by a friend and our expectations were fully met. Our daughter struggled with the preparations for her GCSE studies. Her reading was slow and she seemed to panic at the thought of exams. She was shown how to manage her energy levels, how to calm her nerves and how to revise efficiently. The results were beyond what we believed she is capable of. Our daughter has grown into a confident, relaxed learner. Thank you! – Mother of Emma, Aged 15

I have learned so much in one week. My reading is much better and I think that I will read a lot more from now on. I have also improved my handwriting. My teacher said that he can read it now. – Ben, Aged 10

I came because I couldn’t read or write. My reading is so much better now. I read faster and I remember what I have read. My concentration is also better. I can read for much longer now and also my writing has become more easy. My hand doesn’t hurt so much and everybody says that my handwriting has improved quite a lot. I am happier now. – Henry, Aged 10

To start with, I was very hesitant, because of my age. I thought I was too old to start learning again. I didn’t think that there was anything that would increase the fluency of my reading. How wrong I was! My tutor started with the alphabet, so went right back to the beginning. Then we started reading. First with letters, then with words and then with whole sentences.

I then had to learn how to store information for later use. The speed and fluency of my reading was still rather slow but I knew by then that my comprehension skills were good. My tutor then showed me how to ‘let my eye’ fly over the words and you know what – I can read fluently now. My wife can’t believe how far I have come in just under a week. – Mark, Aged 52

I used to read quite slowly and I didn’t like reading. At school, the others were laughing at me. Now I can read much quicker and I can remember what I have read. I have read my first book which only took me 8 days. I am looking forward to going back to school to show the others that I can read as well as they can. I am happy now. –  Sam, Aged 10

I can spell a lot better and I am more confident now. I know how to focus and know what that means. During the week I also improved my times tables. The best thing is that my spellings are getting easier . My writing is also a lot faster when I write stories and copying form a book or the whiteboard is speedier, too.  –  Amelia, Aged 11

My daughter, who is 15, recently attended a Dyslexia Programme with Ines. In no time did they establish a good rapport and worked hard for 9 days. The result was astonishing: Maria’s reading comprehension improved immensely; her mock papers sky-rocketed and her confidence has been fully restored.

Our time – and money –  was well spent; we are very happy with the overall result and will recommend Ines’ services without any doubt. (Mother or Maria, 15, December 21)

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